Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hot Sauce and a 2 Page Resume

I can't believe my dad doesn't know that Jack in the Box tacos have hot sauce in them! XD

It's a good thing I didn't go to a job interview today They were holding them at night and I really wanted to watch the season finale of The Office. It was a good thing anyway since something happened beyond my control that would not have let me get to the interview in the first place.

Gabe being psycho was funny. When he kept saying Andy was unqualified. I think I write resumes like Daryl. It was funny when Kelly got promoted. Dwight as a burn victim. I thought Jim was going to say something about the invisible man. Kevin's thoughts on puppets were funny. When he said they should be singing about the alphabet. Sometimes Kevin reminds me of myself. Now I know why I get laughed at when I mention I like puppets or Pokémon to people. :/

All the different guest stars coming in were ok. It was better than the guest appearances that they did during their Super Bowl episode.

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