Sunday, May 8, 2011

Miscellaneous blog #42

Here is a bunch of miscellaneous things strung together.

I found the lyrics to "Earthquake Drill". I never realized how horribly laughable the lyrics are. I should post them on here for a good laugh.

After posting that ad on craigslist all I got were offers for scam jobs. Some of them were vague and desperate. Maybe I'll post another ad soon. When the current one expires.

On the way home my dad was looking for a bathroom because he didn't go before we left the venue. He didn't know that a lot of fast food places that are open 24 hours only have the drive thru open after hours to prevent robberies. How could he not know that?! I misspelled the word "sultry" forgive me I was tweeting on my phone, and it doesn't have spell check. :(

The real reason I didn't want to say I was going is because I don't own any recording equipment to record the performance. Here is somebody else's review of the show. Shirley is mentioned as the "Former Garbage front woman" Okay... -_-

Here is something strange after the show I looked up Zooey Deschanel's profile I didn't realized she was in The Offspring's video for "She's Got Issues". My friend use to joke like I was the girl on the video because she sees all these strange cartoon things. She was also in "The Jag" video. I'm not an obsessive fan or anything. Those videos came out at about the same time. Those videos were both on the music video tapes I've been going through. When I watched the "She's Got Issues" video I noticed the girl has an outdated job; she is film developer. That job is pretty much obsolete now.

My dad picks out the tackiest things for my mom. He always wants me to go shopping with him, but he is such a jerk and makes scenes in stores. I'd rather not!

The Lakers NBA finals hopes are crushed. They were eliminated. It reminded me of when they lost to Detroit in 2004. They were really broken back then.

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