Monday, May 23, 2011

Why didn't you Tell me Before I Went?

Before I went to the job interview my mom and I got into an argument about wearing perfume or not. This website says you shouldn't. But after I thought about it that site posts a lot of bad information like their potatoes delmonico recipe. Plus those laughable guides on how to make a Rainbow Brite and Strawberry Shortcake costume.

At the interview I noticed a girl had a really fancy resume with all these graphics and her name in a fancy font. That's wrong, right? I think I need to make my resume look better by using a bigger font. Like when a person writes one paragraph on a page, and they use a size 26 font so it fills up most of the page.

Why do companies do this?

They act like you should know what they are thinking when you get there, and they don't tell you anything.

The guy asks me where I want to work at, and then tells me there are no job at that location. But there are some open at a location really far from me. I was not going to work at that location even if I could drive. It would not be worth it. Not for minimum wage and the driving distance.

Why bother listing that a location is hiring if they are not?

It would be like if I wanted to work at a local Burger King. When I go to the interview they tell me only Burger King restaurants in Miami Florida are hiring and not the local ones in California.

The guy conducting the interview tells me that I should have known 2 weeks ago that they were hiring at my desired location.

I really wish I did have psychic abilities so I would know which jobs were just a bust and waste of time.

Maybe I'll just chalk this up as a loss and post another (purposely) pathetic craigslist ad.

It wasn't a complete waste of time since the place I was interviewd at sold some good candy and I finally tried those raspberry dollar candies after all these years. They are very good.

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