Friday, May 20, 2011

Fritter Away Time

If the world is ending very soon. I've been spending my time doing nothing. I think tomorrow I'm going to watch horse racing on tv. The Belmont Stakes. I'll probably occupy my time with other mundane things.

It was just like the way it was 12/11 years ago when people were afraid of Y2K. Guess what that never happened. I'm still kickin'. I went back to watching my music video tapes.

There was a sillier one about people who were born in January in an even numbered year and regularly wore their birthstone. They would explode on new years day on I totally forget the year. I think it might have been 1997 or 2000.

Macho Man Randy Savage died today. I remember his Slim Jim commercials well. They would buy a lot of ad time during American Gladiators. I think they might have been a sponsor.

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