Monday, April 25, 2011

Blogging about Blogging

I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a bad day I have to go back to school to get something straightened out. I think they sent me to the wrong department.

I've been disappointed with the 14 2/3 season of Arthur. The episode "Follow the Bouncing Ball" was a little too much like "D.W.'s Backpack Mishap". I think the one about D.W. was much funnier. At least the one about the ball had a funny joke about soccer and football. The one thing I didn't get in "Muffy and the Big Bad Blog" was why didn't Ratburn blog about puppets? In "Best of the Nest" he was intrigued by a puppet chat room. People who blog should watch the one about Muffy blogging. It's really funny.

(the rest of season 14 is going to be season 15 in the US!)

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