Monday, April 11, 2011

I don't Wanna Read 'Rat Droppings'! (2 kinds of titles)

I was thinking about going to a local craft store I found on yelp. I don't know it got mixed reviews. When I called the store I wasn't impressed maybe when I go there it will be different or the same.
There are only 2 outcomes.

I'm having a hard time naming my comic. I wanted to call it "closet nerd" but that was already taken. I don't want to give it a dumb or disgusting name like "rat droppings". I could just imagine people saying "Did you just read the newest issue of 'Rat Droppings'? The name is dumb."

I'm sad about Edge retiring, but his health was in jeopardy. I still think of all those rehashed feuds he had with Cena. I'm no Edge head, but I'm sad. I wonder how he will be utilized? A figure head, commentator, or maybe an agent?

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