Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Purple Tweed Dress

Today was hiring day at McDonald's my dad got mad at me for "hogging" the computer. I applied to about 10 restaurants, but all I got were automated replies.

Glee was funny! Mercedes being a diva asking for a bunch of crazy things. I did that once too. The only reason this was on my mind was because I was reading old diaries again to get ideas for my comic. What happened to me was a group of girls I went to school with about 4 wanted to start a singing group. They wanted me to join, but I thought it was a bad idea. Their style was going to be pop/R&B. I thought it was more sensible to start a ska or swing band. Mind you this was 1998. Here was my crazy demand; I wanted a purple tweed dress. (If anybody knows their No Doubt history would know why I wanted this) I assumed nobody would produce it, and they didn’t. I didn’t join the group. They said I could be the manager instead. I’m not sure exactly what I was managing. The group broke up quickly due to inner conflicts.

Brittany uses a novelty pen it can be seen in the scene where Holly is talking about history. It was funny when she knew a lot about cat diseases. Well she does think her cat reads her diary.

I noticed that the guy who plays Vocal Adeline’s coach isn’t in 30 Rock or at least I have not seen him in the show recently. Maybe since Thanksgiving.

What I don't get about the benefit concert was that not even New Directions' family came. That was pretty strange not even somebody's mom or bother or something. Besides Kurt.

I got a call for a job today, but I got it late in the day for tomorrow. I'm not going.

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