Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Good News, Bad News

I did get sent to the wrong department. I'm not really sure who could help me. I got paired up with the same counselor from Everybody Hates Counseling. At least this time it was more focused, and not about all the opportunities in America. Which are dwindling by the minute.

But the academic renewal rejection must have been pretty confusing if the counselor from another school didn't get it. I even mentioned to him about the strange phone call I received in February at about 9 AM asking me if I was going to take a failed class immediately. He agreed that it was strange too. He said the committee who over sees academic renewal is composed up of staff and the dean. After he told me that I wondered if that deranged reporter teacher was on the committee. It would be like one of those cheesy teen dramas I watch.

The good news was that the counselor tole me that I can apply for fall classes, and that my academic renewal rejection should not be a problem.

I have a no calling policy because when I did go to school my dad would call me for really stupid things. That’s how I broke my last phone, and I’m not taking a risk on breaking this one. Except for that my phone crapped out on me. It said I didn’t reload it when I did last week. It wouldn’t let me make calls out. At the bus stop I was yelling the phrase “CUSTOMER SERVICE!” into the phone. People at the bus stop were laughing at me. I needed to find a phone. But where? Since everybody uses cell phones I thought all the public phones are gone. They were hard enough to find in 2002. They are even harder to find now.

I had no idea what to do. I decide t just take another bus to get me closer to where I needed to be. This happened to me before, but that was when I lived at my old house so it wasn’t that bad. I lived close to a bus stop. The only bad thing was that I wore some cute shoes and walking a long way in those shoes gave me really bad blisters.

First I was going to go a store that sold phone cards for my type of phone, and recharge it. I decided to not give the phone company that satisfaction. When I get to the bus stop for the other bus I see it zoom by. I was not going to wait idly for another hour for another one. I needed to get home and yell at the people from the phone company and tell them that my phone doesn’t work! So I decided to walk back. I was tired already and it was hot so I walked slowly. I had no idea where I was going, but I remembered that I rode that bus before so I just followed the route. I knew I was on the right path every time I passed a bus stop. At least I got a lot of exercise. I walked a mile and a half.

I did mange to get everything cleared up with the phone company and I didn't need to buy more minutes.

Why did they call this episode a Lady Gaga episode? Really? "Unpretty" was ok, but it didn't do justice to the original TLC version. Everybody needs to see the TLC video. The breast implant scene made me wince. Was I missing something here? I think an appropriate song would have been "Bleed Like Me". I'm just a sucker for that song. I wonder which mall they shoot their mall scenes at? It looks familiar.

I think my shirt would either say "bad teeth", "brown hair", or "childish". Maybe even "tall" or "big feet" because I was very self conscious about my height and shoe size when I was in high school. When I was younger I didn’t like my nose. I wanted one like my cousin’s (who had a pug nose). Now I’m happy with my Paul McCartney-like nose. This was sort of funny since I’ve been fretting about being ugly, and not being able to get a job because of that.

What would your shirt say?

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