Thursday, April 14, 2011

One Blog to Post

All My Children and One Life to Live are canceled. The decline of soaps is due to the high production costs. I heard nobody is really watching them. I was never big on soaps. I really wish that if a broadcast network does decide to make a new soap (like that would happen) they would make them like the short J and K dramas. Some of those run for a few weeks; a new episode each week and then they are done. They don 't drag on for years or even decades. I don't mean like the mynetworktv English telenovelas which were shown 7 days a week. Just a show that is on 5 days a week like a soap, but the whole series is over in about 2 months; 40 episodes.

Who are really left in those shows Vicki? Erica? That guy who is twins, but played by one man.

I petition ABC should bring back Mike and Maty.

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