Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Long Distance

I went through some more of my old tapes. I found the one that I had taped the "Praise You" video on. There is also an Arling & Cameron I really enjoy. The one for "We Love Dancing", but I don't know why. Maybe because it's kawaii. Hey that rhymed! ^-^

Here's a funny Are-Oh-Vee related memory. When I would call the request line at about 1AM. (that's when the show came on) A month later when my dad would get the phone bill he would get mad because I made "long distance" calls to either Costa Mesa or Santa Monica depending which area code the request line had when I started watching it was a number in the 949 area code then they changed to a number in the 310 area code. My dad would get mad, but the calls were made in the same state and the fee was usually like 20¢. It was a little more if I had more of a conversation than request a video.

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