Friday, April 22, 2011


I had this strange dream about my parents my mom had the power to teleport she was bothering me while I was trying to cook leeks for soup or something. My dad was upset because his Buick got in an accident and was totaled. He was also upset because somebody offered to buy the broken car off him for $1.25.

I forgot it was Earth Day until I saw it mentioned on The Price is Right. I wrote a funny Earth Day tweet referencing a lyric from "What are we Gonna Do?". I wrote "Happy Earth Day send the message".
Later when I was looking for a video on one of my tapes I found the video for the Dramarama song "What are we Gonna Do?" this was purely coincidental I was looking for a Moby video.

Back in 1999 my high school threw an Earth Day fair type thing. I remember part of the outfit I wore that day. I wore a blue jacket with a black faux fur collar and a pikachu shirt. It looks like the jacket Gwen is wearing in this picture. I was my first time wearing that pikachu shirt to school. The jacket was low cut, so the pikachu was prominently shown.

I spent most of my time with my friend and her boyfriend. The games were free. Most of the prizes given out were mostly junky fish shaped things. They reminded me of my pet fish. A few games were giving out erasers.
They were those ones that look like the world. The student government was making and giving out balloon animals. The problem was that they hadn’t practiced, and there were only 2 girls making them. When we got there it looked like they were just opening up a klutz book and a pack of balloons. About 1%-3% of the students at the fair got a balloon animal or hat.

The food was gross. The only food they were selling were overly greasy Rice Krispie treats and cucumber with chili powder on top. My friend bought some treats and they were so greasy we could barley hold on to them. They were sliding out of our hands, and they were wrapped.

I got bored with hanging out with my friend and her boyfriend. I was just a 3rd wheel. I decided to wander around on my own. I "ran into" my crush twice. Later I ran into my math tutor. There was a craft area and I tried to make some kind of pom pom animal with tacky craft glue, but it fell apart. I purposely ran into my crush, and told him that the ugly necklace he made was good. I wanted him to comment on my coat. There were also some sea animals that could be pet. I pet those. Then I wanted to play a game and the guy running it (a student) said let the Pokemon girl play. I thought this was hilarious.

In my class after the fair most of the people in the class were pelting each other with the erasers given as prizes. That class was composed of mostly hooligans, and the teacher had no control over the class.

When my math teacher saw a balloon dog somebody had. He said it was made wrong. He tired to fix it. He said somebody's balloon hat looked pornographic. (it sort of did)

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