Friday, April 29, 2011

I was not Around for his Parents' Wedding

I don’t remember or watched the one with Diana and Charles. I’m the same age as Prince Harry.

If Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Bouquet) was a real person she would be all over this. She’d probably host some kind of event related to it. Like a tea or a supper.

I should really be into this type of thing. Part is my heritage is rooted in the UK. Maybe I'll just stick to liking music from the UK, teddy boy style, and UK comedies.

It was funny the way Fallon was preempted. If I was running NBC I would have just shown the monologue. (come on NBC this was your plan for something else...) NBC is like that incompetent person I know. I hope they would do something logical and they end up doing something hard, and stupid without reason. Shout out to booty shorts and the playoffs.

I watched a lot of trhe wedding. I watched some of the pre-wedding commentary and the procession. The dress was beautiful! I watched part of the vows too. Then I started watching Mister Ed and Heathcliff.
I predict there will be a few prom dresses "inspired" by Kate's dress. There won't be much time to get a seamstress to make one. Usually prom dresses have to be commissioned by February at the latest. I learned this the hard way. Usually girls get dresses "inspired" by the Oscars. They might have to wait until homecoming or winter formal to get a Kate dress.

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