Friday, April 1, 2011

Pricing Fool

While I was trying to watch Fallon somebody was singing loudly and badly at 12:44 AM. This went on for about 15 minutes. After I thought about it could this have been am April Fools joke? The signing was pretty bad. I could hear it from at least 3 houses away.

I was disappointed Jimmy Fallon didn't read my tweet on the air. I thought this one was actually good.

The price is right 10,000th something episode was really funny! It was really an April Fools episode. Too bad Mimi wasn’t in this one. This was more of a mishap show. There was a lot of funny things that happened. I think the mention of the 10,000th was a nod to the show celebrating milestones. It was something for the loyal friends and true. (too bad they don't use that phrase anymore)

When squeeze play wouldn’t work it reminded me of when it didn’t back in the Barker era. It would have been funnier if after it squeezed and drew revealed the price it fell out of the game. This really happened on the show (non-April fools)

I loved Drew’s literal instructions on how to get tickets to the show by going online. It was like he was talking to my parents who are around his age.

Richard was a crazy contestant who just added to the craziness. It was funny when the jumped in the shower! I liked when the contestants row display didn't work. When the screen that they use for trips didn't work I thought it would have been funny if they had used those old pictures they used before they had the screens.

Here are some ideas they could have done that they didn’t:
Upside down price tags
Using those old pictures for trips
Having drew read a blank card that has the price on it for bidders row
Having the wheel not beep and making the audience do it.
Have the inflatable toys deflate on stage
Have the number display on the big wheel not work

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