Monday, April 4, 2011

Too Advanced

After watching Wrestlemania, and seeing Snooki I had a strange dream about Guidos and tanning.

I went shopping and manged to find a great Glee Rachel diary for $1 and I couldn't pass it up. I can use it to write about my aspirations and my crushes. J/K :P

I found some nostalgic glitter hair clips (90s style), but I decided to save my money and not buy them. I was just going to use them for reference anyway.

Why did the WWE announce a Wrestlemaia match about 1 year in advance? Rock and Cena could be good could be bad provided they end up wrestling each other and there are no problems like injuries. I really wanted to see Cena wrestle The Undertaker for Wrestlemania 28 provided Taker is healthy enough to do it. When was the last time they wrestled a 1 on 1 match at a PPV 2003? I remember Cena cutting a promo while he peed on a grave. This was back when he was a rapper heel.

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