Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thoughts on Wrestlemania 27

After having not watched a WWE program in 7 months although I did read tv show summaries for a few months.

I missed the beginning I caught part of the Rock's promo.

The Edge and Del Rio match was good. I thought Del Rio was going to win and get a push. When Edge was vandalizing the car it made me think of the "Black or White"video and it also brought back memories of Cena vandalizing JBL's limo before Wrestlemania 21. (one of my favorite Cena moments) :P *0*

I thought Rey was going to wear an Alice in Wonderland inspired outfit. I would have been strange to see Rey in a pinafore. He dressed as Captain America instead.

Hearing Zack Ryder's rendition of "Friday" I could have done without.

I missed the 8 man tag match because I was getting food.

The segment with the Rock and Mae Young was ok. I was wondering when she would pop up.

I liked the Randy Orton CM Punk match.

I really liked the Peewee Herman segment.

Who knew Cole has so many tattoos? His outfit was funny he looked like he belonged on a high school wrestling team. JR doing commentary was great! It's good to hear is voice again. The match was dumb, but funny. I thought Cole was going to fight dirty. Booker doing the Spinaroonie was great.

The Undertaker and Triple H match was very good. I was happy that Triple H didn't come out in a loin cloth again. It brings back bad memories. Taker's new song "Ain't no Grave" kept making me think of the music video. I can't really associate it with Taker. Taker's injury was it legit or not? I'm not sure. I'll say partially.

I thought the tag team match with Snooki was going to be worse.

I was disappointed by Cena's match, and the intro. Hey Cena let me think of a good intro for you next year. How about riding a dolphin to the ring? He lost again this year what is his win/loss record? 8-2? That sounds right. His 2 losses were at 27 and 24.

I was disappointed there was not a money in the bank match.

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