Saturday, April 23, 2011

Party Like a Baka!

If you hate to read a blog peppered with Japanese words then don't read this entry. You have been warned.

I'm taking a page from Shirley's facebook notes and channeling somebody. I'm channeling characters from Lupin the 3rd. Mostly Jigen, Zeingata and maybe a little bit of Lupin. I'm also channeling Mr. K and Honigon.
Jigen's cynical nature and love for American food. Zenigata's desperation. Lupin's goofiness. Mr. K and Honigon's knowledge of the Japanese language.

I think the bad luck started when my dad was driving and a black cat crossed the street in front of the car. It made me think of "Sugar Water". I broke into song in the car, but my parents had no idea what I was singing. "When a black cat crosses my path, A woman in the moon is singing to the earth" Then I thought about how much I like the video.
I'm treading a fine line here and I'm trying to be somewhat diplomatic. When somebody is expected to be somewhere and don't show up or bother to come up with a valid reason. There is room for anger. Waiting around like a baka!

Ja ne!

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