Thursday, April 28, 2011

Goodbye Michael

I installed Firefox 4 yesterday. I had a hard time getting use to it, so I knew my dad would. He is totally technology inept. Such a n00b! I didn't want to be bothered to try and teach him how to use it and have him constantly yell the phrase "I DON'T KNOW!" at me. Me helping him to try and use it will be a disaster in a bottle. That's my new catch phrase. Does it suck? Is it too insensitive?

Michael's departure on The Office was good. Toby's brother Rory was hilarious! Dwight got the recognition he wanted from Michael. it was funny when Deangelo was making food on the coffee maker, getting pumped at the animal shelter, and eating the cake.
Michael should get some za in Colorado. Too bad Sbarro is closing a lot of locations.

30 Rock was really funny too. Liz going to city hall was so funny. It was like the time I was trying to get a street light fixed on the street I use to live on. I don't know if it got fixed or not eventually I moved away. The montage scene was funny. It reminded me of the Street Frogs. (if you don't know what that is look it up. )

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