Friday, April 8, 2011

Praise my Dance Moves

I found this great site that gives all the "Praise You" video dance moves. When I first saw that video which I had recorded off the tv on a VHS tape. I thought it was so funny! I use to watch it a lot! When nobody was watching or around I'd watch the video and dance along with it.

After a while when I would hear the song at home on the radio I'd spontaneously break into the dance moves from the video, and confuse my parents. (I was about 15 at the time) My favorite dance moves are jumping in the air and the fish move. The dancing looks pretty silly when one person does it.

I liked the song "Praise You" so much I wanted it to be my high school's graduation song. (I had no say in that kind of matter) The choir could have sang along to it, and did the dance moves from the video. It would have been better than "I Believe I can Fly" by R Kelly while the choir sang along and flapped their arms.

My dance moves rival those of Napoleon Dynamite and Finn Hudson.

It beats strange punch dancing from the late 90s. I'm not sure what that really was.

I should find that old tape!

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